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Philip Murphy

Born in Tipperary.

Student in the National college of Art and Design.

Exhibited in Ireland  UK. USA. Canada. France. Poland. Monaco.

Studio in the Trinity Centre Pearse Street Dublin 2.

Design by

Background from Letting Go 2

Letting Go

Steel  is used in this exhibition as a metaphor for human life, it is the strongest of metals but without care will corrode and rust away. Humans also without love and care will not flourish.
We are given one life, but we are too uncertain to live it fully.

We spend time carefully building a cage of comfort zones and illusion of safety, we gradually become our thoughts, our insecurities  and the roles we play.

Our fears ingrained so deeply they become inseparable part of us and we begin to lose our sense of spirituality.

We feed our starving souls with material things, shallow pleasures , and gadgets.

We are constantly inviting noise and clutter just to avoid looking back to where our regrets are drowning us.

Regrets of life half lived , love half felt , regrets of not having enough courage to leave the comfort zone.

We crawl instead of flying , our wings cut off to fit the box, we bury our dreams because they force us to burn and destroy ordinary concepts.

We are dead long before our bodies fail to serve us ,our souls eaten up by inertia.... in the end we began to realize we were fighting with our own souls craving for love and freedom .. and these two are the only things worth saving.. it's a war not easily won but if anything is worth winning then this is it.

Exhibition “Letting Go”

Rouen. France April 2016

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